About Dr. Sveta
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Dr. Sveta (Svetlana) Alshvang

Phone: (650) 224-3223 

E-mail: drsveta@drsveta.com

I have two office locations for your convenience.

1) San Francisco: 3329 Sacramento Street,  San Francisco, CA 94118

My San Francisco office is located in Laurel Heights, easily accessible by public transportation. Free parking can be usually found within less than a block or two from the office, and there is plenty of metered parking.

2) Concord

Flexible appointment hours are available including mornings, evenings, and weekends. 

To learn more about how I can help or to schedule an appointment, please send an email to 

Please note I am more easily accessible via email. When you contact me, please include your name and your desirable office location. Please also include your insurance plan name if you are planning to use insurance.

I look forward to working with you.

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