About Dr. Sveta
Rates and Insurance

I am a California licensed clinical psychologist with experience treating primarily adults in community, private practice, and hospital settings. I have provided individual, couples, and group psychotherapy as well as psychological and neuropsychological testing. I have treated  trauma, depression, anxiety, problems with anger and mood regulation, chronic pain, substance abuse, and relationship problems. I have coached individuals of various ages through life and career transitions. 

Additionally, I have received specialized  training in cognitive rehabilitation and neuropsychology and am experienced in treating older adults struggling with emotional distress, chronic pain, and memory and concentration difficulties. I also provide counseling, support, and resources to adult children of elders.

Prior to becoming a psychologist, I was a teacher and a life coach. I also worked as an R&D researcher and as a project manager for several major technology companies. I lived in different countries and traveled around the world which helped me develop great appreciation for cultural differences that I bring to my work.


Doctor of Psychology 
The Wright Institute
Berkeley, CA 


State of California: PSY 26385


Psychologist in private practice in San Francisco, CA

San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 

Stockton State Hospital
Stockton, CA

Post-Doctoral Training in Neuropsychology
San Francisco General Hospital
San Francisco, CA 

Internship (approved by American Psychological Association): Hefner VA Medical Center, Salisbury NC

Professional Memberships: 

American Psychological Association 

San Francisco Psychological Association